Joan Sung is a Korean American daughter of immigrants who writes for Mochi Magazine. She provides DEI professional development while advocating for Asian American communities. 

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The conversation around race in America is extremely polarized: Asian Americans are frequently excluded in these discussions. Sung offers professional development and training founded on a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) framework to school districts, corporate companies, and other communities. She is also available for keynote speaking at special events.

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"I learned so much from Joan’s amazing leadership and her passion not just for equity itself, but also for teaching her students and colleagues alike about equity, for researching and sharing resources to implement equitable practices, and for tirelessly doing and saying the hard things to advocate for equity to be the lens with which we all approached our jobs.

First of all, not enough can be said about Joan’s heart for equity, her determination and tenacity to uplift others, and her tactful ability to challenge the status quo."
-Kaela Yuen

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